Salzburg Festival


The world famous Salzburg Festival.

Salzburg is famous for a lot of things. Skiing, the old city center or the traditional Austrian cuisine are just a few reasons why people from all over the world like to visit here. When it comes down to cultural highlights, the Salzburger Festspiele (also: Salzburg Festival) marks the busiest time of the year for classical music fans. Every year in July and August the worlds most famous drama and classical music artists gather in Salzburg. Performances like the “Jedermann” by Hugo von Hofmannsthal delight audiences and critics on a regular basis. But even if you are in town for the Festspiele, Salzburg has more to offer.

Mozart’s legacy

If you plan on going to the Salzburg Festival you have many oportunities to add to your bucket list. First of all, there is the city itself. When you walk through the narrow alleys you’ll know what we’re talking about. There is a certain charm surrounding the streets and buildings around the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Salzach river, which flows right through the city, adds a special something to the scenery of old houses, castles, hills, parks and churches. If you want to learn something about Salzburg as well, make sure to engage a walking guide, who’ll show you the city’s secrets for a very reasonable price.

For classical music admirers 


The show is a perfect fit for “Festspiele” Fans!

Since guests of the Salzburg Festival are devotees of classical music, a visit at the Sound of Salzburg Dinner Show makes perfect sense. Our program includes many works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Lehar or Ralph Benatzky. In contrast to the Salzburger Festspiele, the audience of the Sound of Salzburg Show will get involved. Plus: There is always the option for a traditional Austrian meal (3-course, 4-course or vegetarian). If you have any further questions, let us know!

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