Interview with a Sound of Salzburg singer

Christa Hemetsberger joined the Sound of Salzburg Show in the first moments of its existence. Read what she thinks about the show and what it’s like to be a Sound of Salzburg Show performer:

sound of music performer portraitWhat do you think made Sound of Music a worldwide phenomenon?
This is a really difficult question. I don’t think there is one particular reason that made Sound of Music so special. I think it’s a combination of many factors! Like the beautiful landscape of Austria, the fact that children are involved at many occasions and – of course – the unique songs.

Why is it called the “Sound of Salzburg Show”?
Approximately half of the songs are Sound of Music melodies. The other half features works from W.A. Mozart and other composers. Many people visit us because of the legendary Sound of Music part, but most visitors are really impressed by the songs they didn’t know before and that made Salzburg famous.

What kind of audience attends the show usually?
People from all over the world visit our show on a daily basis! It appears that the variety of music attracts a very diverse and interesting mixture of audiences. Everybody gets to hear the songs he likes – or finds a new one that he hasn’t heard of before.

Austrian Folksongs Does the audience get involved?
Yes, the show is interactive! Our guests are welcome to sing along and like this chance to participate very much. At one point of the show we ask some guests to dance with us, which is usually pretty funny (laughs).

What’s the best part of performing on the stage?
I can’t really tell. I love singing, of course. But I also like to entertain the people. When they applaud or sing and dance with us – after more than 20 years – it still really gets me!

Whom does the ensemble consist of?
We are 2 female singers, 2 male singers and one pianist.

What kind of people are the performers?
We are all well-trained classical musicians from around the world. Most of us came to (or stayed in) Salzburg, because of our passion. The city is a great employer for artists and offers a lot of fields of studies.

artist group Salzburg singersWorks of which composers does the group perform at the show?
The program features songs of W.A. Mozart, F. Lehar, R. Benatzky, Rogers and Hammerstein and other traditional Folksongs the van Trapp-family used to perform.

Talking about the dinner: How does the optional meal fit in the Sound of Salzburg Show?
It really is typical Austrian food. Nobody should leave this city without a taste of one of these special meals. It is THE occasion to try the Spätzle-noodles and the famous apple strudel you hear so much about.

In what way is the city of Salzburg involved in the show?
We offer the audience every musical subject that made Salzburg famous. Mozart, Sound of Music and operettas: the city has a very rich culture of classical music. Also the stage design shows an artistic version of Salzburg.


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