Review: Open air show (+videos)

On June 28th the Sound of Salzburg Show took its ensemble to perform at one of the most popular spots in Salzburg: the Mirabell Palace. It was in these very gardens of the palace, where Julie Andrews and her crew shot the original Sound of Music movie 50 years ago. This year, in order to celebrate the film, we decided to bring some magic back to the place:

After our open air premiere at the Steintheater Hellbrunn, we quickly decided to add another open air special without an admission fee. People should get the opportunity to experience the songs, that made Salzburg famous. The word spread fast and on June 28th we were once again amazed by how many people turned up.

For about one hour residents and tourists got to enjoy the melodies of the Sound of Music movie, works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and typical Salzburg operetta.

Click yourself through the videos and get a glance of the Sound of Salzburg show!

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