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  1. Lizzy sagt:


    I booked 2 tickets for the show on 30th June. However I don’t seem to have any email or confirmation of this available. But the money has gone out of the account. Can we just turn up with our names on Friday night? Thanks

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Lizzy,
      Under what name did you make the purchase? I can’t find a booking for Bayley or Lizzy.
      Best Regards

  2. Soenke sagt:


    meine Frau und ich möchten anlässlich ihres 50. Geburtags ihre Show besuchen, Ende November / Anfang Dezember.

    Wir würden gern das 4-Gang-Menü mit premier-seating wählen. Gibt es auch ein vegetarisches 4-Gänge-Menü?

    Vielen Dank für eine kurze Nachricht.

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hallo Herr Soenke!

      Ja, ein vegetarisches Menü ist kein Problem, sie können in diesem Fall sogar aus mehreren Gerichten wählen. Die Termine für die Show Ende des Jahres stehen leider noch nicht fest. Diese werden erst im Laufe der Hauptsaison (Mai bis Oktober) nachgetragen. Sie sehen die aktuellen Termine dann auf der Buchungs-Seite, hier: http://www.soundofsalzburg.info/de/online-booking

      liebe Grüße!

  3. marink sagt:

    We are planning on attending the show and can’t wait, but my 14 year old daughter has a severe peanut/tree nut allergy. Wondering if you can accommodate that allergy? Are there peanuts or nuts in any of your dishes?


    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hello Marink,

      The 2017 show will have a new range of menus, you will be able to choose from. So you can just order a dish that contains nuts ;)

      best regards,
      the Sound of Salzburg Show

  4. Meeta sagt:

    I will be visiting Salzburg on 30th June 2016, with a friend. We will be staying in Ramada Hotel Salzburg City Center.(near the station I guess) I am very keen to attend The Sound od Salzburg Show. Want to know how far is the venue from the hotel and how can we go back after the show. Will book the tickets soon.

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Meeta!

      Thanks for engaging with us, we’re very glad that you want to visit our show!
      From the Ramada Hotel ist would be either a 15-20 minute walk or a short taxi drive to the venue (Sternbräu Restaurant). Taxis will be also available after the show, if you opt for the ride ;).

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us,
      best regards,
      the Sound of Salzburg Team

  5. John Roper sagt:

    Good day from Canada. My wife and I are planning a trip to Austria next year and to include Salzburg. I have just received a package from Salzburg tourism which included your show. Couple of questions,
    The information on the booklet shows different prices. For the meal and show 54Euros and 43Euros cash at the door.Would this mean that I can reserve and pay cash at the door? Does this also apply to the deluxe at 74Euros? What would be the difference if I quote a Salzburg card? Many thanks

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Dear John,
      thank you for your mail and kind request. The best is always to book your regular tickets on our website. This secures your tickets. For salzburg card holders we offer a discount at the door, if they pay cash. Unfortunately you cannot reserve in advance discounted tickets. So discounts are based on availability.
      We are looking forward to welcoming you to our show!
      very best regards
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  6. Jenny sagt:

    Hi, my husband and I are hoping to come to the dinner show tomorrow night, 9/10/15. He wants the deluxe meal, but I don’t think I can eat that much! Is it possible for me to get the 3 course meal & Darryl to get the deluxe meal and still have good seating ( and 1 CD ) ?
    Also we have heard that the Maria’s bicycle tours are the best, can you comment?
    Thank you
    Regards from Jenny

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Jenny,

      Sure thing ;). Just mention your case again at the reception and we’ll arrange everything. Enjoy our show!

      See you there,
      The Sound of Salzburg Show Team

      • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

        P.S.: We don’t really know much about the bicycle tour if we’re honest. But Salzburg really has a lot to offer regarding cycling, sightseeing & Sound of Music. So we don’t see why it shouldn’t be fun ;)

  7. Heather sagt:

    I am visiting Salzburg on my own and am interested in attending the show on Tuesdatc2nd. Does anyone go on their own? Are the tables individual or grouped together?

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Heather,

      Yes, we have a lot of people who watch the show on their own ;). You can choose if you want to sit separately or join a bigger table.

      best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  8. Margaret & David Silver sagt:

    Hi there, This is so exciting, we have our last night in Salzburg (sad face), did the Sound of Music tour on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. We decided to make reservations for tonight to see the show and I’m quite looking forward to it. I have grown up with this movie and watched it many many times over and over and never gets tired of watching it. My husband has never watched it but enjoyed the tour tremendously too and quite excited about tonight so, I guess we have a created new fan lol. Are the seating reserved or first come first served so, sit anywhere? Many thanks for making this all possible for me. I guess I’ll always have that ” child” feeling in me. Kind Regards, Margaret & David Silver

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Margaret & David!

      Thanks for writing to us. We’re glad that our Show get’s you exited and frees the “child” in you ;). I hope you found the perfect spot today. Our staff is determined to make the experience perfect for everybody. We hope you enjoyed the show and we would love to hear about it!

      best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

      • Margaret & David Silver sagt:

        Hello again, our experience of the Sound of Music show was superb. Loved the film, loved the dancing and singing and the story it tells. The atmosphere was just magical. Everyone seated at the table could mouth every word of every song relating to the film and that just made it all the more exciting. My husband David was even asked to join them on stage for a dance and he was very eager to get up there with them. Thanks for a brilliant show and I’d highly recommend it. A definite must!!!

        • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

          We’re so glad you and your husband enjoyed the show!
          Thanks a lot. Maybe we’ll see you again some time!

  9. Geoff Corker sagt:

    Hi,loved the show [24th May] a fitting end to my last day in Salzburg -3 days is not enough in this most beautiful of cities [touring Austria by train] Did the ‘Sound of Music’ coach tour in the afternoon,this show complements it perfectly.Highly recommended.Would it be possible to purchase the CD online? Keep up the good work.Best Wishes…Geoff [Oxford,England]

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hey Geoff,

      Thanks for your visit! We’re glad you liked it… and the city of Salzburg. But it’s hard to not like it, isn’t it? ;).
      I will ask our staff if we can send the CD, because we don’t have an official online shop at the moment.

      best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  10. Kathi sagt:

    We are planning to visit Salzburg from August 23-25 and would like to attend this event, potentially dinner & show. I’m wondering if we should make reservations ahead of time. Does the show fill up rather quickly? Does the show run 7 days a week? Just wondering if any one of those dates may be less busy than another.

    • Kathi sagt:

      One more question – what is the difference between ‘dinner & show’ and ‘deluxe dinner & show’?


    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Kathi,

      the show usually runs 6 days a week (not on mondays, with a fex exceptions). There are still tickets available and will be for some time. How fast it will be full i can’t really tell you. People usually book some time before the show date. But there are also last minute bookings. I can tell you though, that this year the majority of our shows was full. The “safe” way would be to book via our online ticket shop some time before you arrive: http://www.soundofsalzburg.info/de/online-booking
      You could of course also drop by and get your ticket at the event location (Sternbräu Restaurant) at the day you plan to see the show, but I’m afraid i can’t tell you right now if there will be seats left. Right now, it’s also hard to tell, if there is a date less busy than another ;).

      best regards,
      the Sound of Salzburg Team

  11. Tan sagt:

    Hi,I am Tan from Malaysia, I would like to know is the show on everyday as I am visiting Salzberg on 7 June 2015.I was told by my travel agency that there is no show on that day,Thank You

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Tan,

      Thank you very much for writing us! There IS a show on June 7th! You can buy the tickets online or at the venue (Sternbräu restaurant) at the arrival!

      best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Show

  12. Trev sagt:

    Hi We are looking to come to the show is it in English? Also are taxi’s nearby as we are staying at ACHAT Plaza Zum Hirschen hotel. Many thanks

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Trevor,

      Yes, all entertainment will be in english. Also, there are taxis on the street in front of the building. Our show is located just 1,7 kilometers (or about 1 mile) from the Achat Plaza.

      We’re looking forward to meeting you ;).

      best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  13. Kendra sagt:


    I was wondering if the show would be appropriate to take a 2 and 3 year old to. Is there a quick escape route if one of them starts misbehaving?

    Thank you,

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hi Kendra,

      It’s absolutely fine to bring your kids to the show. Also, the exit door is very easy to access and always near by, no matter where you sit. We can arrange a table near to the door if you want to.

      Best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  14. Roula sagt:

    Hello, we would like to know if there will be a show on February 20th 2015? Thank you

  15. Nancy G. sagt:

    Sounds silly, but I’m worried about safe travelling after the dinner’theater, back to our B&B. Is there a taxi available? Or a bus stop? We’re on #27 Nonner-Hauptstrasse. Can we walk? Nervous tourists. Thanks.

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Dear Nancy,

      Please do not worry. Salzburg is a VERY safe place. There are Taxis about 100 meters (110 yards) from the entrance. Also, it’s just 1.5 kilometers to the Nonntaler Hauptstrasse ;)

  16. Barbara Glidden sagt:

    Please help me!! Two days ago I thought I reserved 2 tickets for the “Sound of Music” dinner theater for 6/17/15. I entered my charge acct info, but never received confirmation on my email. I hope you can help me.

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hey Barbara!
      Did you opt for the Deluxe menu?
      We received a booking!
      Please check your mail account in the SPAM or JUNK mail section. Maybe it got lost there. However no need to worry, you will get in the show anyway. Thanks for your comment and enjoy the show!

      Best regards,
      The sound of Salzburg show team

  17. Jayne Webber sagt:

    Hello! I still haven’t had a response to my question regarding a gluten free meal.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Sorry for the late reply. YES, we do offer a gluten free meal. Please let our staff your know about your wish!

      • Jayne Webber sagt:

        Thankyou for your response – what would zhe gluten free option be please?
        Unfortunately there are other foods I also need to avoid.
        As we would be with a group, how is the best way of letting you know?
        Thank you

        • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

          Hey Jayne,

          We will find a meal that will live up to your expectations ;). Please let our staff at the entrance know – they will take care of it!

          best regards,
          The Sound of Salzburg Team

  18. M. sagt:

    Hi, we would like to visit the show with childeren aged 11 and 15. Is this suitable, are more childeren visiting the show ?

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hey there, M!

      YES! The show is absolutely child-friendly ;). We have many kids visiting us regularly. We’re looking forward to meet you!

      best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg team

  19. Joanne sagt:

    We are coming to Salzburg 7.2.15 until 10.2.15 will your show be running in any of these dates?

  20. Joanne sagt:

    My husband and I booked this show using our Salzburg card and paid 41 Euros each. For this we got a three course meal, the show and a CD of the singers. Drinks weren’t included but were reasonably priced so we thought this was very good value. The show is in the cellar of the K&K restaurant in Mozart Place or square in the old town and starts at 7.30 for dinner with the show starting at 8.30. There is a limited menu but they did offer an alternative for the vegetarian that was there. The food was pretty good. Soup starter, Chicken or pork main and Apple Strudel for dessert. Considering what we paid the portions were a good size and it was enjoyable.

    the show itself is great! There may only be four singers and a pianist, but the singing and playing is amazing as they are all professionals. They song a selection of songs from The Sound Of Music, plus some traditional Austrian folk songs and operettas. The pianist also plays some Mozart. There is audience participation as they get you to sing along and some people do go up to dance. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. When they are not playing or singing they put a clip on of an interview with the real ‘Maria’ which is very informative. Overall a must do when in Salzburg! The only thing I would say to them is please get a new OHP as the snow effect on the film was a bit irritating!

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Thanks Joanne,

      We’re really glad that you enjoyed it and that you would rate us as a “Must” in Salzburg :).

      I will forward your hint and try to get a newer copy of the movie. Might be difficult, because it is – well not easy to get those copies. But I’ll try. Again: Thank you very much and maybe see you again!

  21. Steve Haigh sagt:

    My wife and I had a most enjoyable time watching this live show and found the food a particular delight. If you’re looking for an entertaining night out with a great menu in Saltzburg then this night out would take some beating.

  22. Felicity sagt:

    I am very much looking forward to my special evening with yourselves but I was wondering if there was a dress code.
    Many thanks & kind regards.

  23. A.Rempel sagt:

    I really hope, we can invite our exchange student daughter for her 18th Birthday to the Sound Of Music Show and Dinner in December…..Good luck with your plans!

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      … and we really hope you enjoy our Show!

      We will – as always – try to guarantee a perfect evening in Salzburg!

  24. Ms Guan sagt:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know is there any benefits of the Sound of Salzburg Dinner show with a salzburg card ?

    Sincerely yours,
    Ms Guan

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Dear Ms. Guan,

      Yes there is a discount if you show the card to our cashier. You can also make a reservation via e-mail or telephone and mention that you have a Salzburg Card.
      The discount is not available if you book online.

      Best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  25. vikas desai sagt:

    hi … my wife & i are coming to salzburg to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on 15th oct 2014 …. we would like to book the show & the 4 course deluxe dinner ay your famed restaurant …. however, we have 1 problem : we do not eat beef … but are sea food fans … do you think you would be able to replace the beef dish with a sea food preparation? … would be highly obliged if you could kindly let me know on my e-mail whether this would be possible …
    warmly …. vikas desai

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Dear Sir,
      We offer a vegetarian menu!

      It will also be no problem to replace the beef with fish ;).

      Best regards,
      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  26. Mr. Cheng sagt:

    Dear Sir
    I mean is can very near the stage?

    Thank you very much

  27. Mr. Cheng sagt:

    Dear Sir,
    Sorry, I incomplete my previous message.

    I would like to make a reservation for 2 persons on 21th September(online), Can kindly offer a table in front of the stage?

    Thank you very much~

  28. Mr. Cheng sagt:

    Dear Sir :
    I would like coming in 21th September, if I book the tickets

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Dear Mr. Cheng,

      We would be very glad to have you at our show on September 21st.

      Unfortunately your question seems to be incomplete. If you wanted to ask IF a show will take place, then the answer is: YES.
      You can buy the tickets online and at the show. I would recommend buying them online, so you have a guaranteed ticket.

      If this wasn’t your question please let me know – We’re here to help!

      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  29. michelle sagt:

    I’m coming in September and I was just asking do I have to book the tickets online or can you do it when I arrivar

    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Dear Michelle,

      You can do both ;). We have box office AND an online shop (on this website) – just choose the way you prefer. I would however recommend the online shop, because that way you have a guaranteed ticket. If the show happens to be sold out at the night you visit you might not get a ticket for that day (worst case).

      The Sound of Salzburg Team

  30. Kuo sagt:

    Dear Sir :

    We are a couple from Taiwan that we expect honeymoon in Salzburg on June 3.We want to entrance to the Sound of Music Dinner Show.
    We want to book Dinner & Show Deluxe but my wife is vegetarian.
    Do you offer vegetarian yet?
    I am looking forward to your comments.

    Sincerely yours,


    • Sound of Salzburg Show sagt:

      Hello Mr. Kuo!

      We’re looking forward to meet you in Salzburg!
      Yes, we do offer a vegetarian menu:

      Spinach ravioli stuffed with curd cheese,
      sage butter with tomatoes and parmesan
      Homemade apple strudel with whipped cream

      I hope you’ll and your wife will enjoy our show.

      The Sound of Salzburg Team

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