A thank you note


Thank you!

The Sound of Salzburg Show is running since 1991 – a solid 24 years -, which is a pretty long time for a daily show. Throughout the years many guests from all over the world honored us by visiting. We even had people from the most distant places you could imagine, like Cuba, South Korea or Australia. We try our best to make your experience unforgettable, but did you know, that you are doing the same thing every day? Our performers are very happy with what they’re doing. But when you ask about their most favorite part of the show, it always comes down to one thing: getting to know the people.

Special stories

Although it seems like a regular thing from the outside, the conversations between you and the Sound of Salzburg singers really are special. Many stories are remembered and often retold. And it’s not just that. Many of you take the time to write us e-mails or comment on our guestbook wall or on TripAdvisor. We do really appreciate your honest reviews and kind words and read every single one of the messages.

Thank you!

It’s just fair that we from the Sound of Salzburg show take our time as well to thank you for your participation. Thanks to your reviews, we got our “certificate of excellence” from the platform TripAdvisor. We’re glad to see that most of you enjoyed our service – and still do! So the staff would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of those people who came to see us and are planning to do so. Please keep being the amazing audience that you are! Needless to say, we already know that you will ;).

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